| Evan Robinson |


Evan is a photographer and director who has split his time between NYC & Los Angeles for the past decade. 

He's also directed TV commercials in India, photographed winemakers in Chilean Patagonia, and coordinated smoke bomb drops while snipers hung out of a helicopter in Laredo, Texas - he's always happy to add more stamps to his passport. 

Evan enjoys collaborating with clients, because great creative moments happen when nobody cares who came up with an idea--the final product is fantastic, and everybody pitched in.

If he isn't taking photos, Evan is probably flying his vintage airplane over the Sierra Nevadas, tinkering with his favorite green Jazzmaster guitar, or grilling over Japanese charcoal. 

Abbreviated list of clients and places of publication:

Snowe  / Feather / Dagne Dover / Elle Decor /  Allied Maker / EBoost / Gander / Cosmopolitan Magazine / National Geographic Channel / Trader Joe's / The Wall Street Journal / Mandeville Films  / Canadian Board of Tourism / University of Pennsylvania  / The Los Angeles Times / Fast Company / Backcountry Pilot / HubBub Coffee / Of Mercer 

ecr [at] evanrobinson.com

Los Angeles: 323.537.5296

New York: 646.397.8525

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