Ahoy Hoy

Evan is a visual storyteller

This is what a typical afternoon of idea gathering looks like on the californian coastline.


ecr @ evanrobinson.com
Los Angeles: 323.537.5296
New York: 646.397.852

Telling the story, from beginning to end, gets me excited. Asking how a product is made, who uses it, and why people love it. Sharing a good story is an age old artform, and the pursuit of telling better stories, rather than focusing on a single subject, feeds a voracious curiosity.  Jack of all trades, master of none. But none is often better than one. 

Some friends we've made along the way:
Snowe /  Magic Spoon / EBoost / Dagne Dover / Feather / Allied Maker  / Gander / Cosmopolitan Magazine / National Geographic Channel / Trader Joe's / The Wall Street Journal / Mandeville Films / Canadian Board of Tourism / University of Pennsylvania / Backcountry Pilot / Athena Club / Hodinkee