Ahoy Hoy

Evan is a visual storyteller

This is what a typical afternoon of idea gathering looks like on the Californian coastline. Thanks to Hodinkee x IWC for the footage. 

Talking about why we love doing what we do:

Hodinkee x IWC

Phase One

Backcountry Pilot

Telling the story, from beginning to end, gets me excited. Asking how a product is made, who uses it, and why people love it. Sharing a good story is an age old artform, and the pursuit of telling better stories, rather than focusing on a single subject, feeds my voracious curiosity. 

Jack of all trades, master of none.

But none is often better than one. 

Director, Photographer, Producer, & Pilot

Some friends we've made along the way:


 Jaguar                             Audi

Nissan                             TAE

IWC                                  Breitling     

Hodinkee                      Orbillion       

Stoli                                  UberEats

Banza                              Daring    

Magic Spoon               Gotham Greens

Red Bull                         Westholme

Hyatt                                National Geographic         

Athena Club                 Bite      

The Wall Street Journal 

Canadian Board of Tourism 



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Los Angeles: 323.537.5296
New York: 646.397.852